"Post-literacy" is a common feature in dystopian sci-fi worlds. Worlds where the written word is considered an outdated, fringe practise, replaced with momentary sensational media and social interactions.

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**Thailand's App-Fueled Protests Keep Authorities on Their Toes**

"Using tech and social media, a new pro-democracy movement is faster and more creative, making it hard for authorities to catch up."


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**Gig Workers' Only Chance to Pee Is Apparently an App**

"Gig workers have nowhere to pee and it's only gotten worse during COVID-19. Instead of a societal solution, there is the Whizz app."


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Eventually, "I have 20/20 vision" is gonna mean two very different things.

Warming up the Rakyat to further entrenchment into military dictatorship. Like frogs in a pot.

This mfucker.

Malaysiakini - Ismail Sabri chuckles over confusion on 'work from home' SOPs

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why do programmers prefer dark mode 

- The COVAX deadline is today
- Khairy continues to criticise COVAX
- Malaysia is unwilling to put up RM90million to cover 10% of the population (despite earlier mention of covering 20%)
- Instead, we are negotiating to cover 3%
- China deal is being finalized
- China joined COVAX


25 years ago, I was taught in school that vitamix C comes from citric acid. I pointed out to the teacher that this was incorrect. She said yes, and I will be punished for it.

Things haven't changed since. Except maybe the punishments for pointing out lies have gotten more severe.

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Me, Zen as fuck: “the true marksman aims only at himself”

The range safety officer: “Ok, yeah, I’m gonna make you take the course again”

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**The unintended consequence of becoming empathetic**

"Many people want to become more empathetic. But, these changes in personality may also lead to changes in political ideologies."


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Very often historical films actually exclude certain details because, though they may have actually occurred, they seem too exaggerated to be true.

I learned today that there is actually a name for this in film production: the Tiffany Problem. It comes from the idea that naming a character Tiffany in, say, the 14th Century, feels out of place. But the truth is that the name Tiffany has origins in 12th Century Greece. So it's entirely likely to be true.


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